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    Online Reputation Management

    Online reputations are everything. Whether we like it or not, our personal and professional lives are impacted by the internet. When you google your company or yourself, are the results reflective of what you want your clients, partners, friends, and family to see? A stellar digital presence creates opportunities. Conversely, inaccurate or defamatory information erodes trust and compromises relationships. There are 5.5 billion searches made every day. Regretfully, social media empowers anyone to say anything at any time, so it is imperative that you protect the integrity of your online reputation.


    Take control of your digital reputation and make it count. If you shout at the internet and no one is listening, does it make a sound? It is important to proactively build a digital presence that reflects your strengths and who you really are. Blue Ocean Global Technology ensures that your online reputation aligns with your identity and purpose. We optimize your website, articles, videos, images, and digital news assets. You can only make one first impression.


    What are your customers and competitors communicating about your brand? Identify negative reviews, misrepresentations on social media, and inaccurate press in real time. We help prevent a reputation crisis by monitoring conversations about you on the internet. We protect your online reputation and manage digital risk.


    Negative information about you or your business on the internet must be addressed immediately. While accidents or mistakes happen, the internet may not forget. When left unattended, a sensitive legal matter or news following a rogue employee can dominate search engine results pages (SERPs).

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