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    Internet Defamation

    Defamation Results from an Erroneously Published Statement

    Defamation results from an inaccurate or libelous published statement. Traditional defamation claims resulted from newspaper articles and through conversation. Today, the vast majority of defamation cases originate in digital communication on the internet. The emergence of social media, video communication, and review websites creates a new era of internet defamation issues. Cyber attacks can have catastrophic consequences for both individuals and businesses. When harmful and unwanted content is posted anonymously, perpetrators must be identified immediately to control the reputational damage.

    Blue Ocean Global Technology’s Internet Defamation experts were featured by Of Counsel Magazine.

    We review each case confidentially with our trusted network of public relations, legal, digital marketing, and law enforcement partners. We always review the merits of filing a lawsuit to recover monetary damages incurred by you or your company. We discuss all appropriate and immediate options with our clients before identifying the best course of action. Solutions often include a combination of content removal, court-ordered injunctions, link suppression, cease & desist correspondence, and compensation lawsuits.

    As trusted subject matter experts, we understand the legal nuances of internet defamation, libel, and slander. Courts have established precedence for how they treat off-line and online defamation. Libel claims refer to written defamation, often through a review, comment, blog, website, or published article. Defamation spoken through a video or audio file is considered slander.

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