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Internet Defamation

Defamation Results from an Erroneously Published Statement

Defamation is the act of communicating false statements about an individual, group, or business that directly or indirectly harms their reputation. Internet defamation comes in all shapes and sizes. It gained prominence when the general public shifted from simply gaining access to the World Wide Web to relying upon it for communication, commerce, and knowledge. Individuals and organizations alike have the opportunity to publish different types of content online.

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We must protect our right to express ourselves while remaining mindful of defamation. Although there is nothing wrong with constructive criticism to improve a certain situation, internet defamation causes monetary, emotional, and reputational harm. The rise of Web 2.0 introduced a variety of social media platforms like Facebook and YouTube, which allows people to interact with each other. The ability for users to express their opinions and share their thoughts 24/7increases the chances for internet defamation to occur. This can have advantages when the press and content shared is positive. Conversely, it can also have disadvantages, especially when ratings, reviews, and verdicts are false, misleading, or deceptive. A common misconception about defamation is that it strikes businesses engaging in activities that are unethical, fraudulent, or criminal. Every week, Blue Ocean Global Technology receives requests for help from top reputable companies and individuals facing the consequences of undeserved negative publicity.

Consequences of Internet Defamation

Internet defamation can manifest in many forms, but the harmful results often include

A measurable financial loss for an individual or a company in terms of revenue, profit, or expenses.

An intangible loss that may be hard to quantify. Examples include brand, reputation, opportunity cost, trust, and goodwill.

A source of stress, which may have caused serious physiological and psychological consequences for all parties affected.

Loss of Business

If a popular YouTuber or blogger with thousands of followers defames one of your most successful products, it will likely cause a decrease in revenue. Your company may never recover financially, even if the purported claims are later proven false.

Negative reviews on consumer feedback websites and Google My Business can easily deter prospective customers from your business and direct them to one of your competitors.

A purported scam report published on or a similar website immediately erodes your brand’s credibility and prestige. When trust declines and negative content frames the conversation for your prospective partners and clients, considerable time and effort may be required to address the issue.

Physiological & Psychological Consequences

The physiological consequences of stress caused by internet defamation may adversely impact your body are manifold: Headaches, heartburn, insomnia, memory loss, a weakened immune system, an increased risk of heart attacks, overall stress, and tension are among them. From a psychological point of view, dealing with defamation can trigger irritability, anxiety, nervousness, and even depression. A successful partner at a New York–based law firm aptly described her reputation issue as “a permanent leech on the face in both my personal and professional life.”

Our Approach

The internet defamation that you are currently experiencing may be anonymous. How does Blue Ocean Global Technology approach helping clients when internet defamation is a persistent issue? Because each repair case is unique and must be investigated independently, each online reputation management case requires a customized approach.

Our goal is to identify the most viable solutions for each expert consulting or expert witness client. The first step in this process is to objectively research and thoroughly analyze all aspects of the case. Transparent communication with our clients and key members of their trusted circle guides and supports how we develop solutions. We leverage the experience of our strategic network of public relations, legal, digital marketing, and law enforcement professionals. Our team evaluates the feasibility of removal and suppression options before reviewing them with our clients.

In the implementation stage, we control and mitigate all defamatory content. Options for achieving the desired outcome vary considerably. We explore removing the damaging content as soon as possible. Many online service providers initially refuse to remove user-generated content, citing Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act. Blue Ocean Global Technology negotiates with website domain ownership, internet service provider (ISP) executives, and authorities at Google. When litigation is not possible because of confidentiality or sensitivity issues, we can tactfully attempt to reason with the perpetrator, especially after they are no longer anonymous. For more catastrophic cases, we create an expert witnesses report to quantify and qualify the damages. This document can be used to initiate an internet defamation law suit that seeks monetary compensation for financial and intangible losses.

Our Experience

Over the past decade, the courts have established legal precedents for handling online defamation. To stay current and expand our network of trusted professionals, we regularly present at conferences and deliver content to educate attorneys through approved Continuing Legal Education (CLE). This approach helps us assess which cases of libel or slander have the strongest chance for a favorable client outcome.

We have learned that not all defamatory statements can be readily removed from the web. We assess how and whether material harm can be proven. Some jurisdictions also take into account the mental and physical suffering of victims. Our technical experts, analysts, engineers, and programmers regularly navigate digital trends for our agency, digital marketing, and reputation clients. We are experienced in the suppression of defamatory content. Our successful SEO suppression campaigns include keyword research, link analysis, and an acute understanding of search engine results pages (SERPs). We mitigate and safeguard your business against future reputation damage attacks.

If you are currently facing online defamation, please reach out to us directly.

We will work relentlessly to assess, investigate, and solve all online reputation issues for you or your organization.

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