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    Website Development

    Customized Website Development Is Integral to Success

    We design, develop, engineer, and maintain customized websites featuring a responsive design for businesses across industry and geography. Clients engage with us directly, and we partner to serve digital-marketing and public-relations service providers. When we design a new website, we adhere to our proven development process. Final website productions are custom-tailored to your business and your goals, and help increase brand engagement.

    Our Website Development Process:


    When we begin to design a website, there is a discovery and strategy phase which helps us understand your vision, goals, and ideas. Combined with the experience and expertise of our design team, we develop a strategy, detailed action plan, and documented timeline. Nothing is left to chance.

    Architecture & User Experience(UX)

    We create a comprehensive blueprint to provide structure for your website. This includes creating a site map which lists every page and designing the website layout, including individual features and functionalities. We focus on directing the user flow to key points, which will optimize conversion rates.


    Our creative design team applies beautiful typography, colors, images, buttons, and other elements to the site’s wireframe. Each website must be designed thoughtfully, and all details carefully considered. For example, understanding how white space correlates to increased conversions may materially impact digital engagement and sales.

    Back-End Development & Coding

    You want users from all over the world to be able to access your website from their home or office, as well as on the go. In other words, fast page-load speed and responsiveness are vital. All sites that we develop feature a responsive web design, so they work with screens of all sizes—mobile, tablet, and desktop. By using a content management system such as WordPress, you will be able to update your site whenever you want to and in real time.

    Testing & SEO

    For quality assurance, we thoroughly test your website on various devices, remove bugs, and make required improvements. In addition, we apply up-to-date search engine optimization (SEO) and best practices to improve your site’s ranking on search engine results pages on (SERP), for example, Google or Bing.

    Final Phase - Launch

    Once we have the green light from our quality assurance and SEO team, it’s time for your brand new website to go live. We will monitor the performance during the early launch and analyze user behavior. The acquired data can then be used to further improve user engagement and conversion rates.

    Ready To Grow Your Business?

    The foundation of your digital presence is your website, and this must be strong, both ostensibly and on the back-end from an optimization standpoint. Your website represents your first impression and is a key pillar of your digital reputation on social media & Google search. Prospects and clients expect your website to load in at least 2 seconds; 40% of internet visitors will leave if it takes more than 3 seconds to populate. Our professionals have over 10 years of experience in building and optimising websites to create websites that convert.


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    Mark Elzweig Company, executive search consultants, has been providing strategic advice to financial advisors for more than thirty years to help them determine the best company or platform for their happiness and success.

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    Mick Law P.C., based in Omaha, Nebraska, is a specialty firm comprised of full-time and of-counsel attorneys who each possess a concentrated area of expertise and in-depth knowledge. In addition to their law school credentials, the attorneys also have professional and educational credentials, including MBAs, LLMs, and securities industry licenses (inactive).

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    LEVICK is the communications firm that specializes in the most challenging and high stakes matters of our time, using intelligence, public affairs and communications to protect the lobbyists, lawyers,negotiators and internal communicators to stop the crisis and redeem reputations.

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    Bobby Henebry, CFA is a global speaker, entrepreneur, leadership facilitator, investor, musician, and passionate helper of people the world over! After spending 11 years in a traditional investment firm where he was a partner, he chose to reinvent himself through his own entrepreneurial pursuits while traveling to over 30 countries in the span of two years.

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    Ian has been a volunteer leader in the investment industry since the late 1990s. He has volunteered extensively with CFA Institute - both locally and globally - and has been a leader within Canada as board chair of the Responsible Investment Association (RIA). He is an enthusiastic supporter of and volunteer at the University of British Columbia (UBC), and has been recognized several times for these and other community contributions.

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    The foundation of your digital presence is your website

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          Reputations are everything.
          Let us help you control the online narrative.

          A positive reputation is a valuable asset. You deserve to be in control of what the internet says about you or your brand. We specialize in building, monitoring, and protecting digital reputations. Schedule time with our team to audit your existing digital presence and find ways to elevate and enhance your online impression.

          Reputations are everything.
          Let us help you control the online narrative.

          A positive reputation is a valuable asset. You deserve to be in control of what the internet says about you or your brand. We specialize in building, monitoring, and protecting digital reputations. Schedule time with our team to audit your existing digital presence and find ways to elevate and enhance your online impression.


              Brittney Bagiardi

              Business Development & Marketing Manager at Butler Weihmuller Katz Craig LLP February 4, 2020

              The Legal Marketing Association's Tampa City Group was honored to have Sameer come to speak with us regarding Online Reputation Management. Sameer is an energetic presenter who took the time to answer each and every one of our questions. His expertise was evident in his polished presentation, and our members were engaged thoroughly. All communications leading up to the event were timely and friendly, and I have enjoyed my time working with Sameer on this speaking engagement.

              Tamie Maffeo

              Marketing Manager at NEIRG Wealth Management. & Business Succession Advisers, LLC

              Working with Sameer and the team at Blue Ocean Global Technology has been such a positive experience! The ongoing communication combined with the efficiency of work of the team is very much appreicated. Sameer is quick to respond to any questions we may have. He and his team is quick to to resolve any questions that arise. They go above and beyond for us no matter what day or time we reach out. I have had many dissapointing engagements over the years with similar firms but must say that this is a refreshing experience. I am in a niche business with complicated regulations surronding our marketing platform. Having the peace of mind that the team at Blue Ocean is there to impliment and guide our firm gives me great satisfation. That being said, I give them my highest reccomendations and would gladly speak with anyone who has any questions regarding my experience.

              Jay Chong

              EVP, Head of e-Mobility Group at SK Group

              I had a chance to work with Sameer for several months, and he has been one of the most transparent and responsible people I have ever worked with. He has been highly responsive, always responding within a day despite the time zone difference, and thoughtful, which was a big relief for me as some I worked with in the past were "Catch Me if You Can". He has delivered all his promises and more. He has been genuine and results oriented. It has been a pleasure working with him, and I highly recommend his service.

              Vern Hayden

              Client Advocate at Sovereign Financial Group, Inc

              Sameer lives outside the cliche’s of life. Let me put it this way:

              If you were looking for someone totally committed to helping in a mission, a cause, or company you would want Sameer.

              If you were looking for someone who would drop everything to help you, who knows the best and worst about you, someone with empathy and understanding, in short someone you call a “true friend” , you would want Sameer.

              If you want someone who has aligned themselves with the great causes of women you will want Sameer. If you want someone who gives a damn about kids that are abused,misplaced,without direction,kicked to the curb, and need help get Sameer.

              If you want someone to give a mesmerizing presentation get Sameer. He will stay up all night doing relentless research on the subject and the audience and inspire your audience to action.

              If you want someone with a consistent well defined philosophy of life combined with a remarkable code of ethics you want Sameer.

              If you want a leader with emotional and academic intelligence combined with magnetic charisma check in with Sameer.

              If you want a team player who has been in the trenches as well as the mountain tops Sameer has been there.

              If you want someone to help stabilize your business and take it to greater fulfillment Sameer will be there for you.

              If you need a George Gilder tech genius as a resource., Sameer knows the best and can bring innovative solutions to your challenges. ( the right wing radio host Rush Limbaugh said if he could choose another brain it would be Gilder’s.)
              If you need someone to trust with integrity and accountability you need to meet Sameer. I could go on but I think you know how I feel about this guy now. I have known and been a friend for over two decades.

              Najah A. Edmondson

              Marketing professional at National Center For College & Career Transitions (NC3T), The TASA Group and ASK For Tutoring

              Sameer Somal is a personality you cannot forget! I met Sameer one year exhibiting at the Delaware Valley Legal Expo in King of Prussia, PA. It was the end of the night and he came over to introduce himself to me and my colleague. We engaged in an amazing conversation about The TASA Group and about relationship management. He helped us take our belongings to the car at the end of the night. We all left with a new connection and a lifelong friend. So excited with meeting Sameer, we immediately figured out how we could work together - webinars, articles and in-person presentations to some of the organizations we are partnered with. It's been a few years since we met and Sameer continues to thrive in his field and in his expertise. The light he exudes is both infectious and comforting. I would recommend Sameer for any job!

              Walt Wiesenhutter

              Certified Small Business Mentor at SCORE Mentors Philadelphia. Taught at Harvard University Executive MBA & at Columbia Executive MBA & Northwestern Executive MBA

              My name is Walter J. Wiesenhutter and I am loyal client of Sameer Somal’s and Blue Ocean Global Technology. I founded Jay Associates in 1984 and served as president of our consulting company for several decades. Regretfully, our offices were in the World Trade Center in 9/11 and we lost key team members as a result of those tragic events. We persevered for the next few years to replace the seemingly unreplaceable. I met Sameer, one of the co-founders of Blue Ocean Global Technology in 2005. I was immediately impressed with his genuine character and commitment to serving others. The emergence of the internet and digital technology changed our business so much and our meeting couldn’t have been more serendipitous. I was quite fortunate to learn of this company’s world-class resources. Over the years, they were instrumental in improving our stellar reputation and building a digital presence that reflected the trust we had with our clients offline. As business partners, clients, and friends complained about their Google presence, disappointing web development projects, and digital marketing companies over promising and under delivering, I referred them directly to Sameer and his team at Blue Ocean Global Technology. Their needs and requirements were always handled with care; the feedback is always exceptional because they deliver results based on exactly what the companies want to help them grow. When Blue Ocean Global Tech did not feel they could provide the best service or guidance on a particular situation, Sameer and his colleagues are honest with me or anyone from my network. They then took the time to find resources and partners within their trusted network that were a better fit. Today, at 75, I am delighted to share and document my successful experiences with this team of excellent professionals. If you are looking for a global team that is diligent, honest, and transparent, you have found the right company in Blue Ocean Global Technology. Not only do I give them my highest and best recommendation, I feel fortunate to call many of their global team members my friends!