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Why You Need a Trademark
Expert Witness on Your Side

Intellectual property, which includes intangible works created by the human intellect, is governed by civil law. Unlike physical property, intellectual property poses unique challenges when it comes to defending one’s rights. To protect their trademarks, individuals or businesses may need to file lawsuits against those who have violated their rights. However, given the complex nature of trademark claims and specifications, specialized expertise is often necessary to ensure that these claims are evaluated accurately. An expert witness with a strong understanding of the technology or product in question, as well as the technical language used in trademark litigation, is essential in intellectual property disputes. The witness can assist parties and their attorneys to better understand the case and provide expert testimony in legal proceedings.

What is Trademark Infringement?

The unauthorized use of a brand or service mark is known as trademark infringement. This application, which might involve products or services, could cause misunderstandings, deception, or confusion regarding the true source of a product. If trademark owners believe their marks are being violated, they may file a lawsuit. A court injunction can stop a defendant from using a mark if trademark infringement is established, and the owner may receive financial compensation.

Trademark infringement can take many different forms, including branding, merchandising, promotions, and advertising. With so many media outlets today, there is a higher chance of infringement in terms of how various items are made and promoted. Complex trademark infringement and other licensing concerns can be handled by a trademark specialist.

Types of Cases
That Need an
Expert Witness:

Trademark infringement:

This is when a trademark’s exclusive rights are violated without the owner’s or any licensee’s consent.

Trademark abandonment:

When a trademark’s owner purposefully stops using it for three or more years without any plans to do so again, the trademark is said to have been abandoned.

Secondary meaning:

A secondary meaning trademark results when customers begin to associate a trademark with a certain product over time. As a result, a descriptive mark that a company may not have been able to register previously can now be considered a trademark.

Deceptive advertising:

A business that knowingly releases an ad that contains misleading, deceptive, and/or untrue statements in order to sell its product could be held liable for injuries resulting from false advertising.

Copyright infringement:

This is the use or production of copyright-protected material without the permission of the copyright holder.

Who is a Trademark Expert Witness?

Trademark expert witnesses are professionals with extensive experience and expertise in market research, trademark surveys, trademark infringement damages, and intellectual property law. These are also professionals who specialize in licensing – including trademark infringement – in particular industries, such as mechanical engineering, electronics and communications, and apparel. With extensive experience in their sector and specialized knowledge of product development, these specialists can assess if a trademark infringement has occurred.

Role of an Infringement Expert Witness in Litigation:

Trademark Expert Witnesses might be required for trademark infringement cases to determine the precise damages suffered by the plaintiff in a way that is legal, fair, and will hold up in court. In this case, expert legal counsel is required. A crucial stage in obtaining the justly owed amount of actual damages and financial relief is identifying precisely how the plaintiff was damaged, including how their present and future financial interests were affected. The plaintiff’s exclusive intellectual property rights are safeguarded by US law, which also supports the pursuit of monetary compensation for actual losses. They can be pursued for a variety of reasons, such as loss of revenue, reputational harm, and brand slander, among other frequent consequences of trademark infringement. Each of these elements will need to be proven separately, as well as how they relate to the amount owed to the plaintiff.

These days, the process is considerably trickier than it was before. High-speed digital communications and extensive internet access have made a wealth of knowledge accessible to everyone.

The concept of unconnected trademarks owned by the same corporate interest is now widely accepted, and harm to a brand’s reputation can extend to assets including other trademarks) that were formerly thought to be wholly unrelated.
Research, a study of consumer confusion, an expert report, an expert opinion, expert testimony, and/or courtroom testimony are all possible forms of litigation support provided by a trademark expert witness. To give valuation computations, a trademark infringement economist with expertise in economic damages may be contacted.

Benefits of Having a Trademark Expert Witness:

Hiring a trademark expert witness can provide several benefits in legal proceedings related to trademark infringement or disputes. Some of the benefits include:

A trademark expert witness can provide valuable insights and expert opinions on complex issues related to trademarks, such as trademark validity, infringement, and damages.

A trademark expert witness can add credibility to a case by presenting objective and fact-based evidence, analysis, and opinions. This can help the court or the jury make an informed decision based on expert testimony and evidence.

Trademark law can be complex and technical, with many nuances and subtleties. A trademark expert witness can help simplify and clarify the issues at hand, making it easier for non-experts to understand the case and the evidence presented.

Hiring a trademark expert witness can help ensure that resources are used efficiently and effectively. They can help attorneys focus on the key issues in the case, streamline the discovery process, and avoid unnecessary delays or expenses.

By providing expert opinions and evidence, a trademark expert witness can help strengthen a case and increase the likelihood of a favorable outcome for the party they are representing.

Blue Ocean Global Technology has a team of skilled and diverse professionals who understand the intricacies of trademark infringement cases. Our team has extensive experience in a variety of areas, making us well-equipped to handle any case involving disputes regarding the unauthorized use of intellectual property. Furthermore, our expertise is valuable to the field of damages assessment as it currently stands.


How can a party prove trademark infringement?

The parties, or the court on its own initiative, may appoint expert witnesses to testify on specific non-legal issues or fields that require expert knowledge. Special procedural rules apply for court-appointed expert witnesses, though expert witnesses that are called by the parties will usually give testimony and be subjected to cross-examination in the same way as any other witness.

How is trademark infringement determined?

Trademark infringement is determined when a person uses a registered trademark as their own or part of their trademark, to deceive the consumers or to gain an advantage. To win in court, you’ll need to be able to prove that a legally recognized mark is yours. Additionally, you must show that your rights to the trademark are “senior” to those of the infringer, you have priority, and the use of the infringer’s mark will likely lead to confusion among consumers regarding the source of any goods or services sold under the contested mark.

Who can file an infringement suit?

The owner of the trademark, who believes his or her rights have been infringed, can file a suit.
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