How can I improve my personal online reputation? |

How can I improve my personal online reputation?

Your online reputation is how all people, including clients, prospects, partners, investors and those surfing the internet, perceive you or your business. There are many things that you can do to improve your personal online reputation. The first step is to perform an audit of your current online reputation. This audit provides a baseline or snapshot of your online reputation, helping you determine your next steps.

If you’re like many people, an online search for you leads to a combination of positive, irrelevant, and negative search results. In essence, to improve your personal online reputation, you want to increase the number of positive results that populate (and rank) on search engines, create high domain authority links, push negative results down, and clear up any confusing or irrelevant results.

Channels that you own—like your website and blog—give you the most control over your personal reputation and personal brand. And platforms that you use, like LinkedIn and Facebook, also allow you to craft your online reputation in a way that most accurately reflects you.

But don’t forget about the power of earned media. You don’t have control over these sites, but the more positive information you have there the better your reputation. A newspaper website that quotes you as an expert, a review site that positively mentions you and your business, or an industry website that publishes an article with your byline are all places that can positively impact your online reputation.

Our team will audit your online reputation and provide you a customized personal reputation management check-list. Reach out to us in confidence for your digital marketing or reputation consultation.

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