How do I find out my online reputation? |

How do I find out my online reputation?

It’s always a smart idea to monitor your online reputation. Your first step is to perform a search yourself—searching for your name in Google and other search engines. Your name will have an impact on the kind of search you perform—if you have a common name that is likely shared by many people (e.g. Michael Smith) you’ll want to include in your search additional terms that someone is likely to use to specifically find you, like your company name or city. If your name is more unusual, the search results returned for your name are more likely to be accurate and specific to you.

Remember too that Google and other search engines use your personal search history to determine your search results—which means that the search results that you see for your name may be different than the search results that appear for others—and even searches performed in incognito mode or while you’re signed out may still be impacted. Consider performing searches for yourself via several different search engines and devices to receive a better, more comprehensive view of your true online reputation.

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