How is progress measured for digital transformation? |

How is progress measured for digital transformation?

A business’s digital transformation often involves every level of management and requires the commitment of those in leadership positions from the top down. Typically, a head technology officer such as a CTO or similar will oversee the project and integrate the efforts of all departments as the new way of doing things is implemented. This oversight is necessary because when digital transformation fails, the primary reason is most often uneven implementation or an unwillingness on the part of certain departments to participate.

Digital transformation is often achieved through the creation of a long-term, multistage plan, with each stage involving tracked goals and benchmarks. Changes to such elements as digital tools, payroll and invoicing systems, network structures, and the like are implemented and tested, and all the departments involved are kept in continuous contact with the internal and/or external people who are enacting the changes. That way, any factor that slows progress can be quickly addressed and problems solved immediately.

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