What are some examples of e-commerce sites? |

What are some examples of e-commerce sites?

Countless e-commerce sites exist. Chances are that if someone is seeking a particular item or service, there is an e-commerce site that offers it! Here are just a few examples:

SplendidBeast.com (B2C): Provides customized, hand-painted pet portraits that depict customers’ furry friends as aristocrats or monarchs.

Fluevog.com (B2C): Sells artfully designed and eco-friendly footwear crafted by Canadian shoe designer John Fluevog.

Grainger.com (B2B): Provides industrial supplies and equipment for businesses in various trades.

Chocomize.com (B2B): Specializes in customized chocolate candy gifts and promotions for corporations and businesses. Customers can search by product, occasion, and budget.

eBay.com (C2C): Allows individuals to buy or sell practically anything to anyone. This global e-commerce platform is considered the granddaddy of all C2C websites.

Uber.com (C2C): Connects people who are seeking transportation to a specific destination via automobile with people who want to earn money providing others with such rides.

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