What are the three types of e-commerce? |

What are the three types of e-commerce?

Acronyms are often used to refer to the three different types of e-commerce. The first is B2C, which stands for Business to Consumer. B2C e-commerce is when businesses sell products directly to consumers. This is the type of e-commerce many people are most familiar with (e.g., Amazon).

The second type is B2B, or Business to Business. B2B e-commerce involves companies selling directly to other companies. For example, Medline sells medical supplies to long-term care centers, physicians’ offices, and other businesses in the medical industry.

The third is C2C, or Consumer to Consumer. In C2C e-commerce, consumers sell products or services directly to other consumers. eBay is probably the best-known example of a C2C e-commerce site.

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