What is Cyber Investigation? |

What is Cyber Investigation?

Cyber crimes and attacks have significantly increased over the last 10 years. These issues include stealing sensitive private information about individuals and enterprises, disrupting business operations, a new era of digital financial fraud, and the manipulation of electronic records.

The consequences are manifold. First and foremost, cyber crimes impose additional costs on the victim and the economy at large. Furthermore, reputation damage and stress cause both psychological and physiological harm to the people affected.

Cyber investigations can solve these challenges. Blue Ocean Global Technology provides digital assistance that will support how you mitigate an existing challenge while also protecting you against future defamatory attacks. As part of this process, we identify and locate seemingly anonymous webmasters and perpetrators. While every cyber investigation case is sensitive and must be handled with care, it’s hard to communicate on the web without leaving an electronic fingerprint. The first step in our process after understanding the nuances of the case is to use every tool possible to locate and analyze critical evidence. This may include DNS/WHOIS lookups, metadata tracing, and Internet Protocol (IP) traps.

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