What is the digital role of a public relations? |

What is the digital role of a public relations?

The digital revolution has changed the business of Public Relations (PR) forever. Today, PR professionals must deal with not only traditional forms of media but also communications channels that have a habit of changing practically overnight. PR has always been about relationships and about using those relationships to promote your brand and your company. In the past, a PR representative might have needed simply to maintain a good rapport with a few members of the media, know how to write a compelling press release, and maybe do an occasional interview. That era is over.

PR is now a complicated and constant effort. It involves increasing measurable return on investment through new digital media content and innovative marketing approaches. It still requires all the traditional relationships, plus an abundance of new ones on social media, from old-school reporters to social influencers. It involves everything from Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to snarky Twitter brands. And now more than ever, PR is tasked with projecting a company’s positive values as the public increasingly demands that businesses do real good in the world and that what they see and hear about various companies is not just for show.

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