Can reputation be managed? |

Can reputation be managed?

Team members at your company cannot always successfully manage or control what others say about your business—so if there is a negative review, an erroneous Facebook post, or an unflattering blog, you may want to consider a reputation management company with experience in a wide range of situations, including how to effectively contact the author or publishing website to request the removal and deindexing of a particular link. Naturally, there are many considerations that dictate which solutions may be the right fit.

In some situations, the best way to deal with negative search results is to promote positive results about your business—things like case study blog posts, numerous positive reviews, testimonial-driven social media posts, and other types of media to highlight your success or expertise. Your reputation management firm will work with you to develop a strategy and supporting content to counter the negative and defamatory results. Ensure that the team you engage continuously optimizes the positive content and tweaks the initial plan when results materialize.

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