How does one write an expert witness report? |

How does one write an expert witness report?

An expert witness report, whether intended to be submitted directly to a court or used for the benefit of one party in a case, is a written summary of the expert’s examination of and opinion on the case at hand. It typically includes the expert’s qualifications and experience, often with a CV, if applicable, along with a list of cases for which the expert witness has previously testified.

The report lists all the documents and evidence the expert reviewed in preparing the report, along with an explanation of why the expert witness’s opinion is applicable to the case. The expert outlines the development, analysis, and justification of their opinion of the case. The report typically ends with the expert’s opinion on the matters of judgment and damages, if applicable.

Ultimately, the report is either used by legal counsel to form arguments for their client or submitted to the court as evidence.

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