What are the top three trends of digital transformation? |

What are the top three trends of digital transformation?

Numerous trends have emerged in the realm of digital transformation, from AI and machine learning to multi-cloud architecture. However, we see the following as three of the top trends for the year ahead:

  • The continued democratization of technology: The more people within an organization who can use technology to accomplish their goals—without IT intervention—the more effective and efficient that organization can be. As vendors continue to focus on delivering innovative solutions that enable non-technical users to take advantage of highly complex technology through intuitive, user-friendly, self-service interfaces, employees will be empowered to autonomously make smarter decisions.
  • An upswing in customer data platforms (CDPs): Businesses today collect an incredible amount of data about their customers at a variety of touchpoints—in stores, via call centers, through email, online, and so on—but aggregating all this data into a 360-degree view of the customer has been difficult. This is where CDPs can help. CDPs provide a single source of customer information, allowing business units across an enterprise—from customer service to marketing and sales—to have a holistic, comprehensive view of a specific customer’s every interaction with the company at their fingertips. We expect investments in these platforms to continue to grow.
  • Automation: Savvy businesses are always looking for opportunities to use technology to optimize processes—not only can it help streamline operations, but after the initial investment, it can also reduce costs and enhance productivity. We anticipate that companies will continue implementing technology to automate parts of their operations that will allow employees to focus on higher-value, more important tasks.

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