Is PR a good career choice? |

Is PR a good career choice?

PR can be a great career path, offering many exciting opportunities in a variety of areas. In fact, U.S. News & World Report currently ranks PR as the #3 best creative and media job. And individuals interested in pursuing PR can choose from a number of career paths. 

For example, one option is to work for an agency, concentrating on PR activities for multiple clients at once as part of a team, with each person managing a particular aspect of a client’s promotional outreach. 

Another possibility is to work as in-house PR for a brand, either managing the business’s PR program single-handedly or coordinating outside agencies to work together on the company’s behalf. 

Some PR specialists work as freelancers, prioritizing one or two clients and handling pitching, media relations, and follow-up on their behalf. 

PR can also be just one of numerous tasks in a professional’s communication mandate within a company or nonprofit organization.

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