What are the four main areas of digital transformation? |

What are the four main areas of digital transformation?

Digital transformation involves four primary areas: people, processes, customers, and offerings.

First, a company’s people are at the heart of the business and also at the heart of that business’s digital transformation. Getting buy-in from all stakeholders is vital, from company leadership to front-line employees, so that everyone feels invested in the plan and its success. Technology should be thought about in a way that empowers all a company’s employees to have the information and tools they need to serve customers most effectively.

Second, optimizing processes is a huge part of digital transformation because optimization supports a business’s people, allowing them to work smarter and focus their time and talents on high-value tasks. Technology that can automate and alleviate repetitive tasks reduces the chance of error and allows employees to shine.

Third, engaging, delighting, and surprising customers should be a business’s primary focus, and a successful digital transformation will allow that to happen more easily. With the right technology in place, a company can deploy targeted campaigns, test personalized messaging and offers, track results, and optimize future campaigns, constantly improving the customer experience.

Fourth, a business should continually look at its product or service offerings through the lens of digital transformation. Technology improves rapidly, and innovation happens quickly. So what improvements can a company make to its offerings? To determine this, businesses can be proactive in assessing their offerings, anticipating their customers’ needs and wants, and harnessing the available technology to improve their products or services

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