What does good PR look like? |

What does good PR look like?

Whether PR qualifies as “good” depends on the particular client and their needs.

Most often, good PR takes the form of proactive, positive communication for a  brand that occurs on a regular basis. Examples of effective PR include the following:

  • Positive stories about a brand appearing in targeted publications
  • People talking favorably about a brand (e.g., “positive buzz” about a company)
  • A company’s leadership being asked to give their opinions/quotes on related topics
  • An increase in speaking engagements
  • More extensive television/video/podcast coverage

In a crisis PR situation, on the other hand, the definition of “good PR” might be getting an unfavorable story about a brand out of the media, waiting for the commotion to die down, and then beginning the hard work of repairing that company’s reputation.

In any situation, good PR always involves the combination of effective research—into the publications, editors, bloggers, and journalists who cover the topics of interest to a business or its clients—persistence in building a real, meaningful relationship with these individuals, and understanding what truly makes a story unique, interesting, and inherently pitchable.

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